The methods used by NATO in so-called “hybrid warfare” require unconventional answers.

The most recent incident on June 23, 2021 involved the British Navy destroyer “Defender”. The warship deepened 1.5 miles into Russian territorial waters near the Russian Sevastopol naval base.

Russia responded promptly. Two boats of the FSB border guard and about 20 warplanes were sent to intercept the intruder. The Russian Black Sea Fleet corvette Pavel Derzhavin was in the immediate vicinity. …

DIA veterans urged President Biden not to provoke Russia

The latest statements of President Joseph Biden’s administration caused great concern among veterans of the U.S. Intelligence Community. The opinion of such specialists means a lot In America. They are listened to.

Retired intelligence officers pointed out that the U.S. actively supports Ukraine in its desire to find military solution of the conflict in the east of the country.

The Ukrainian army is de facto of very limited value. In recent days, it has lost 22 servicemen in eastern Ukraine for reasons unrelated to combat operations.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J…

Media: There is no president in the U.S., but a fake one.

On the Internet there appeared a small part of the correspondence between U.S. presidential candidate Joseph Biden and Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

It reveals that Biden tried to drop out of the race in the fall of 2020. He realized that he would not be able to serve as president because of his extremely poor health.

Apparently, the unfortunate Joseph Biden is being drugged with tranquilizers and other drugs, making him into a controlled and unthinking puppet:


— Dear Nancy, I regret to…

I was forced to write this confession not by the current events in faraway Belarus, but by the fact that the methods, in the development of which I participated, are now used among others against the United States itself.

Of course, for quite understandable reasons you will not find here exact names and places where the events described below took place. Taking care of my personal safety makes me do so. My former colleagues will not fail to take immediate revenge, and I am not attracted by the fate of Julian Assange or Edward Snowden. American spy, even having…

Hal Terner

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